Supplementary Services

We provide a number of additional specialist services for individuals and for groups of people. Access individual services by arranging an initial assessment. Access training services by contacting us.

Advocacy & Mediation

We are available, with prior notice, to represent you in formal situations where you are not confident that you can effectively articulate your issues yourself. For example, to make a case with your GP, social services, the police or your employer. We will meet with you beforehand to go through how this will work and agree what information will be shared. We also provide mediation between two parties, e.g. at school where a difficulty needs to be discussed with either parents or the teachers. At university we can mediate between counsellors and student unions.

Phone Support

You can have over the phone support arranged at your convenience, to discuss a pressing issue rather than waiting for an in-person appointment. Or you can have a mood boost call, designed to be used where there is a mental blockage and an urgent need for some ‘oomph’ and motivation to get you through the day!

GP Letter

In the NHS, GP appointments are restricted to around 10 minutes, irrespective of the nature of the problem. Conveying your thoughts, feelings and concerns about yourself or a loved one within such a short appointment can be daunting. We can support you by drafting a professional letter giving a detailed account of your situation. You can hand this to your GP, enabling them to give you the best support or direct you to the most appropriate service.

Workshops for Schools, Colleges and Universities

We provide half day or full day workshops tailor made to identified needs. Topics covered include: mental health awareness, common mental health issues, how to keep yourself mentally healthy, supporting others and the role of specialist services.

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